The last installment…for now
Baby Noah.

The last installment…for now

Baby Noah.

It’s getting hot in here..

I’d heard from a lot of people that being pregnant in the heat is no easy feat. Well I can now confirm this statement. Throughout the recent ‘heatwave’, I can hold up my hands and say that any kind of ‘streetstyle’ went straight out the window. The first of the two outfits above is what I strived to wear. The latter composition is where I ended up most days. I’m now writing this post looking out at the rain so perhaps my final week of official pregnancy will be a little easier!

36 weeks and counting…

As you can probably guess, it’s getting harder to stay adventurous in my maternity dress during these last few weeks. This is why I’ve started to accessorize just that little bit more. I’ve tried to make these additions as statement like as possible so that it still evokes that ‘streetstyle’ image. Just like the gold lion chain above. Again, it might not scream maternal but I think it’s great and creates that unique touch. Even adding a folk scarf or trilby can individualize your outfit and make it that bit more individual. Which is very much needed when all that seems even remotely flattering these days is black, black and more black!

It’s in the jeans.

By far the best invention in the world of pregnancy fashion has to be the maternity jean. Before becoming pregnant I really thought that all pregnancy pants would feature the rather large and shapeless derriére followed by the half baggy, half straight cut leg. However, I was thankfully proven wrong.  H and M do an amazing range of skinny maternity jeans in a huge variety of colour and length that are so comfortable I’d even consider them post baby! In the post above I’ve teamed them with mainly block colours as anything colourful means I’m just a huge bump! The ever changeable weather also means long coats are still making an appearance as well as keeping (hopefully) swollen ankles at bay.

Vintage (bump)Chic

Now this is style that I have found very hard to still wear being pregnant. In the early days it was possible but now when not wearing actual maternity clothes makes you look like your carrying triplets, it’s next to impossible. Which is a huge shame as it means not being able to buy many things from a very cool vintage shop called Shutterbug. I love this shop. The style it has and the styles it creates are wonderful. Many a time have I been influenced by their photo shoots and the looks they put together. Now, however, it’s a little bit harder. Sadly, denim cut-offs and over-sized jumpers make no appearance in my wardrobe these days. However, I’ve still managed to pick up a few pieces, namely this (faux) Chanel printed jacket. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. It’s just great. It may not be very bump friendly but I don’t really care. A girl still has to keep her personality, bumped up or not! I also found a great printed bag which I will adopt as a, dare I say it, ‘baby ‘bag. So vintage chic does still work. Just a little at a time. For more info on Shutterbug visit!/shutterbugshop

Socks and Sandals

I love socks and sandals. Not the granny type sock and sandal which, in my opinion, even Chloe Sevigny couldn’t make work. No, I love the delicate pairing of a pretty sock with a platform or wedge. Ankle sock or knee sock, I love them both and have dared to wear both on many an occasion. I say dare because they are not very people friendly and can attract quite the bemused look. However, with this bump of mine I opted for the ankle sock and found it worked a treat with my very first actual maternity dress. I say actual as I’m getting too big to keep working with larger versions of high street clothes. Damn.

Wardrobe Envy

I’m not usually a fan of Peaches Geldof’s style but seeing her pregnant has made me question this slightly. Just looking at all of these images has made me rethink my wardrobe and start considering more figure hugging dresses. This is what I imagine when I think of street style pregnancy. Now if I only knew where she bought her clothes..

Pretty Pastels

Alongside the vigorous energy inducing prints that are appearing everywhere this Spring/Summer 2012, comes a much calmer, softer and relaxing trend. Pastels. Soothing blues, greens and pinks adorned the catwalks last September and injected a much needed brightness onto the high street as January unfolded. Collections from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Valentino carried the romantic, pastoral theme which has made a seamless transition from catwalk to high street. As you can imagine it is a much easier trend to wear with a bump, and looks a bit more maternal too! It also serves as a positive reminder that summer is but a mere few weeks away, as is (hopefully) the baby!

Prints Charming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll have noticed that most of the high street has been ambushed by prints. Erdem, Christopher Kane and Dolce and Gabbana were among many designers who showcased the clashing yet strangely attractive ensembles back in September. However, prints are not for the faint hearted, nor are they very flattering for the larger sized. This causes quite the dilemma for the pregnant woman! Taking inspiration from Mary Katranzou’s collection, which kept prints largely to one singular item, I’ve attempted to rework the trend á la bump. By keeping the print designs to a minimal and pairing them with neutrals (military shirts, blazers) you can still wear the trend but avoid the ‘migraine’ effect.

The ones I love…

Here are a few pictures of who I admire style-wise, the people who influence my style and inspire me on a daily basis. Unfortunately, nearly ALL of these people have yet to work the bump. Which makes my job a lot harder! Btw, it is almost impossible to find any pictures of Kate Moss pregnant. This makes me think perhaps staying current and chic whilst pregnant isn’t as doable as I’ve thought.